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Welcome to J Shinn Creative.

Over the last 10 years I have developed my skills as a graphics artist. With a history of both illustrative and graphic design experience I have developed a portfolio that demonstrates my capabilities as a modern and up to date designer. My works cover a broad spectrum of pieces from logo design to fine art. The site has a range of images showing the construction of the design work to the final completion.

All my artwork is digitally produced, this means that I develop the initial concept from sketch and then scan this image into my computer. There I develop my art brushes using Adobe Photoshop and start to create the image. I often work on many layers on a design piece and my main tool is a graphics tablet. In effect it is just like painting but using digital technology to do so. Many hours of work go into making the final piece. It is then formatted and printed from the digital form.

Digital art is recognised as a new medium, it is widely used in games, CGI for film and well-known artists are now using it as a medium e.g. David Hockney.

To order any designs that you have seen please go to the .


New Illustration

Here is another piece of art that I created today using new Krita Bundles and Patterns. 

New Poll

Tell me what do you think of these patterns and art brush bundles, more free content is on the horizon and it would great to create brushes and patterns that everyone can use with confidence...

Posted by J Shinn Creative on Monday, 3 August 2015

New Art Material on Facebook

Just Created some new illustrations to be turned into art-brushes for Krita Users.

Okay Free content for my Krita Users, please view older video on 'how to make your own art brush' to additional details....

Posted by J Shinn Creative on Thursday, 30 July 2015