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Inner Sense Healing Logo: 

Created in February in 2013, this logo was designed for a friend called 'Laura'. The Logo had to represent various themes such as Reiki healing, Psychic Readings, Indian Head Massage and other Healing specialisms that Laura has both qualified in and researched into.

The Main focus was to encapsulate a multifaceted meaningful design that resonated the visual representation of healing.

Here are examples of work that was created during the drafting process. As you tell from my logo development tutorials and comparison tutorial videos. It's not always easy developing a design that reflects you and your work. Many revisions were made before the final logo was completed.

Revisions and design process:

Final Design: Logo for Inner Sense Healing:

This is the final concept that later translated into the logo that is currently used today: If you would like to see more please view both my 'illustration' and 'graphic design' pages.