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Alban Essences Logo Development.

Alban Essences: A client who specialises in flower essences wanted corporate stationery that reflected the work that Christine qualified to practice in. Flower essences are based on the 'Bach' principle and I wanted to make a design that reflected the medicinal and healing properties of flowers and other plant matter. The logo was designed to reflect this, and here are close-up's of the logo, business card and screen shot of the flyer used for events.

Here is the Logo:

Here is the Business Card with additional design components, and photographic elements:

Here is the A5 Flyer: The logo and colouring has changed from one piece of stationery to next to give a dynamic feel. Not all stationery that I have designed has variation in logo branding, however I wanted to present corporate branding with some variety depending on the context in which the design is used. 

A4 Poster Design: This was created for selling Flower Essence Room Sprays.