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'Margaret Hanson', Logo Design Development:

Margaret Hanson Logo Design: This went through several design processes. This included designing the initial logo shape and imagery, then applying photographic components to resemble Margaret's work as a flower essence practitioner. The wild rose is a remedy that is used in Bach flower remedies, and has a personal significance to Margaret and by demand was used in tandem with the logo construct.

Here are the initial Design Elements for the Logo Design:

Business Card Concepts and Final Design: After the initial shapes were created I imported the design into Photoshop and manipulated the gradients and colours, I cut and manipulated a picture of a wild rose, and integrated the image onto the logo. Normally I would create the colour gradients in a vector graphics program, however this design was unique in the regard to it's usage and how it would be utilised from one format onto another.

Final Business Card Design: