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Morgana Crystals Logo Development

Morgana Crystals: A client wanted a design for a market stall that sold crystals and other esoteric paraphernalia. The logo had to symbolic, resembling the themes associated with  'New-Age'. The client's market stall sold incense, incense holders, angelic card sets, tarots, crystal wands, jewellery and dream catchers. The client also offered his services as a medium; the design had to to reflect all these goods and services and be modern and eye-catching at the same time. The process of designing the logo took multiple stages:

Initial Design Concepts:

Final Design Concepts: The designs had to go through revisions and I decided that the best way forward to reach an agreement on the design was to introduce additional colours and photographic/illustrative elements to the design. So I took a picture of a crystal point and integrated that image into the design with Photoshop elements highlights.

Business Card Design with Final Logo: