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This artwork is not for sale…

Amaterasu: is a Japanese Sun Goddess, born from the left eye of Izanagi. After the birth of the sun goddess he cleansed himself in a river and went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain.  Amaterasu was made as the Goddess of the Sun, she also rules weaving, cultural unity and agriculture.  Amaterasu will help you face adversity and show you how to turn something negative into a positive with a fruitful outcome.

This page shows the progression from the initial illustration to the digital imagery and colouration of the final character; using a graphics tablet I produced a similar effect to that of a painting using oils/gauche. I developed the image using patterns and textures which I refer to as swatches used during the development of this art work. You can see roughly how the pieces of the picture were developed.

Progression of Artwork from Initial drawing to completion.

Swatches: Patterned layers that were used in the creation of this illustration.

Amaterasu Illustration: This is the initial sketch before the colouration of the design began. Using the swatches above the goddess was patterned and transformed into the illustration below.

Close-up: Cross sections of the ‘Ameterasu-Goddess’ illustration. These images showcase the intricate detail for this piece of artwork. Each part of the illustration has its own symbolism associated with Ameterasu.



Amaterasu final illustration: