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Archangel Michael - Is the supreme archangel, sometimes viewed as the commander of the Army of God. He is referred to in the books of Jude, Daniel and Revelations as the key character to smite the uprising of Satan’s forces. In many cultures he is depicted as both a healer and a warrior. He is sometimes portrayed as a solider slaying a dragon. He is a powerful energy that can be called upon in time of need or crisis.

This illustration was designed in the Winter of 2010, as a symbol of a healing warrior spirit in times of difficulty. It also had connection to Christmas and was developed initially as a Christmas and New Year's Greetings Card. However it can be used universally, for example as an alter card, or as a gift to someone who loves angels.

This card is not available in the shop, but if you would like some cards designed with this illustration please contact me.

Archangel Michael - Initial illustration before computer generated art work began.

Archangel Michael - Full Colour illustration.