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Laura’s Dream: Created in the Summer of 2012.


Work by:

Created on: Oct 04, 2012

Laura’s Dream: This is a piece of commissioned work as requested by a friend, Laura. The project started with an illustration that Laura created which was based on a vision she had. Using Laura’s basic drawing I developed all the elements in it following the format she had indicated.  Regularly consulting with her throughout the development stages the final artwork came into being. The illustration depicts 5 shamanic animals; stag, owl, seal, horse and dragon fly. The central image depicts an oak tree elongated and curved into a circle. The vision included the sun and moon symbols and a pixie holding a flower. In the centre is the Goddess Gia with an amethyst head-piece.

In total the picture took 2 weeks to create. The close-ups are illustrated below. If you are interested in my design work and wish to have a commissioned ‘dream’ illustration, please do not hesitate to ask. (Link to contact form.)

For further information see my commissioned artwork page. (Link to commission artwork page.)

Close-up images: