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Fairy ‘Sprite’: Created in September 2012.

This art-work was inspired by a desire to create an illustration that represented fairies and the magical realm of earth elementals. Based on a fantasy art theme, I initially illustrated the fairy by pencil and created out-lines of the design. I then scanned the pencil drawn illustration and computer generated the features of the face, hair and body. Using multiples of photo-shop layers and an array of art brushes, that I created, I began drafting out the background, the moon and magic mushroom before progressing towards the ‘Fairy’ which I named ‘Sprite’. The Fairy was integrated and then layered with shading and shadow effects to give the art perspective and form.


Work by: Jonathan Shinn

Created on: Oct 04, 2012

Fairies Brief Description:

Fairies are nature spirits, with mythological and historical symbolism. They are a form of elemental spirit frequently connected with plants and flowers in particular. Fairies have played their part in many great works of literature such as William Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream and J. M. Barrie's famous Peter Pan stories. And if you look carefully into a flower you may just see one!

Close-ups of the illustration:







Art Brushes: Designed for this illustration and Laura’s Dream. The Brushes that I generated were created from scratch. Please view the square images below to get an idea of how the brushes were designed for use.