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Medusa Dream Illustration and Symbology:

Medusa Dream: is an illustration designed during the month of December 2013. The work of art was created in relation to a dream that I had back in the late Summer of that year. Medusa is depicted as a snake goddess with symbols from Babylonian and Ancient Egyptian Antiquity.

These symbols represent images of snakes, the eternity symbol and a broken crown representing the erosion of authority. This powerful goddess is known in Greek mythological as 'Medusa', however the goddess can be traced to ancient writings and depiction of a snake goddess in ancient Mesopotamia. Here Euro-Middle-Eastern and Persian roots denotes a hidden power with a message.

The goddess can be purchased as a poster: Goddess will be available on the shopping cart soon.


Here are close-up images of the goddess and her symbology.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

Image 6:

Image 7:

Image 8:

Image 9:


Full Illustration: Image:

Here is the final illustration-in full. If are interested in any on my design work and want to see if you can get a commission please link to the Commissions Page.

Brushes: This is a small element showing how I designed my brushes and what I used to create this illustration: